Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Let's be honest, children tend to destroy things.  Whether it's spilled juice, crayons, or a wrestling match gone awry, somehow things end up broken, and someone named "I don't know" did it.  So many things these days aren't built to last - they survive 2 years tops, and that's if they're tucked away in some quiet corner of the house.  What you need are quality pieces that can survive your children, and that's where we can help.  We take classic pieces and bring them back to life.  A durable piece of distressed furniture can stand up to almost anything an apple juice crazed three year old can throw at it, and then some.  And breakables?  We have those too, but they're affordable, and if "I don't know" ever breaks one, at least it won't break the bank.  And how do we know this?  We don't sell anything that wouldn't put in our own homes.  Still don't believe us?  Follow our "Don't Hit Your Brother" Blog, where you'll get a chance to see the good, the bad, and the "you have to be kidding me?!?" moments of raising the two little boys who inspired this venture.

Our Story

Our Story

Don't Hit Your Brother Decor is a mother & daughter design team operating out of the burbs of Portland, Oregon.  Combining our passion for antique and vintage pieces, all the various styles of farmhouse décor and the craziness of motherhood, we've decided to turn our hobby into a something that can help other moms get the look they want without all the stress, all while being brutally honest about the joys (and WTF moments) of motherhood.

Meet Our Design Team


Jan Lee

Owner & Lead Designer  

Jan lives in Oregon with her husband Charlie and their dog.  Loves nothing better than family time and spoiling her grandchildren, whom she indulges with sugar and toys at every opportunity.  She works full time and  loves to take old & ugly pieces and make them beautiful again .

Jesse Pic

Jesse Lee

Designer & Blogger

Jesse lives in Oregon with her two busy little boys who truly are the inspiration for this wonderful venture along with their much-loved little French bulldog.   She works full time and enjoys writing, decorating, picking and yes taking bubble baths by herself.

Charlie Workshop

Charlie Lee 

Owner & Carpenter

Charlie loves family, grandbabies, hanging out in his happy place-his wood shop and bringing ideas that Jan and Jesse have to life. He has a  crazy talent in being able to see beauty and potential in virtually anything and truly considers sawdust his "shop glitter"!

Contact Us

Contact us at [email protected] for information on upcoming shows and sales.